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  • Scoliosis Braces

    If you have scoliosis then exploring all of the scoliosis treatment options that are available you is a good idea; and soft scoliosis braces are one of the better options for treating scoliosis.


    • Complete Range of Motion without restriction, eliminating muscle atrophy.
    • A corrected posture and spine that doesn’t recede back to pre-brace conditions after treatment.
    • Elimination of pain
    • Halts progression of scoliosis in 87% + of patients
    • Improved spinal curve
    • Reduction of the necessity to perform surgery
    • Excellent relief of Chronic pain in adult scoliosis

    What is Scoliosis?

    Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine. According to Medical News Today: "Scoliosis causes the spine to curve to one side. It can affect any part of the spine, but the most common regions are at the level of the chest and the lower back. It often appears in children. In most cases, treatment is not needed, as the curve corrects itself with growth. However, based on the degree of curvature and the age of the child, a combination of bracing and physical therapy is often recommended."

    While we don't know what causes scoliosis, we do know that genetics plays a factor. Since the causes of scoliosis are unknown, there is no cure; however, there are effective treatment options for scoliosis including observation, surgery, and scoliosis bracing that can correct your spinal curvature. Having a chiropractor treat you for scoliosis makes a great deal of sense.  

    Most people think of chiropractors as professionals that help you out after a car accident or work injury. While it's true that these are two of their most well-known functions, our scoliosis chiropractor uses their unique expertise to improve your quality of life with methods such as scoliosis bracing. We help to prevent further curvature of a patient's spine and in many cases even helpt to correct the existing curvature.

    Scoliosis Bracing is Not What You Think

    When you think of a scoliosis brace, you're probably thinking of a hard, rigid plastic shell. Since scoliosis often happens during pre-adolescent and adolescent years, these scoliosis braces were awkward, difficult to conceal, and didn't allow for much physical activity. A scoliosis patient living in a cooler climate could conceal their scoliosis brace under a big, bulky sweater or very loose clothing. Even then, sometimes the brace was still visible, and as we noted above, physical activity was a lot more challenging, which mean that gym class was potentially embarrassing. There was a real need for a better way to correct scoliosis while at the same time affording a patient the ability to stay physically active.

    If you are looking for a scoliosis brace, we have a couple of options.  The right choice depends on your lifestyle, condition and situation. At Pivonka Health & Wellness, we offer both a soft 'Spinecor" brace that can easily be concealed under light clothing and doesn't restrict movement and a more rigid 'Scoli-Brace' that is custom fit using sophisticated computer mapping technology.

    Unlike a rigid brace, a soft scoliosis brace is designed to allow you more freedom of movement. Made from flexible materials, the edges of this type of brace won't press in your sides, which means that this type of brace is far more comfortable to wear. This will allow you to live a more normal life and enjoy physical activities that you could never hope to do if you were wearing a rigid brace. With a soft scoliosis brace support is provided, but it also forces your muscles to work at the same time. That means that you are getting the support that you need while actually strengthening your muscles and improving the curvature of your spine.

    So, they're effective.  They allow for greater mobility, and they're unobtrusive.  All very good reasons to get a scoliosis brace today. See which scoliosis brace might fit you and your lifestyle today.

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