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  • Prolotherapy? What is it?

    Prolotherapy is the injection of any substance that promotes growth of normal cells or tissues.  The most common substance injected in Prolotherapy is Dextrose, but other solutions containing other substances like Zinc can be used.  This Dextrose solution is injected into tendons, ligaments and muscles to bring about a localized inflammatory response, which in turn brings more blood and nutrients to the area.  The end result is the stimulation of the damaged tissue to repair itself.

    What can be treated with Prolotherapy?

    Prolotherapy is commonly used to treat pain caused by injuries to tendons, ligaments or muscles.  These injuries can be caused by sports related activities, daily activities, over use syndromes or accidents.  Common conditions that can be treated with Prolotherapy are neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, knee pain and ankle pain.  

    Ligaments and tendons the susceptible to sprains and strains and because they don't have rich blood supply the healing may be long and incomplete.  Prolotherapy injections help to promote the natural healing response and growth of injured tissue to produce stronger better tissue.

    How Many Injections Does it Take?

    Everyone is different but an average protocol of care may range between 4-6 sometimes more injections to get complete healing.  The healing can be assessed by using a diagnostic ultrasound to observe the area pre and post treatment to determine the amount of repair that has occurred.  Diagnostic ultrasound is available at Pivonka Health and Wellness.

    Can Prolotherapy Replace Surgery?

    Prolotherapy is a conservative treatment and can reduce the need for surgery or delay the need for surgery, but this also depends upon the severity of the condition and the time it has been present.  In some cases surgery is the only option and in some cases Prolotherapy can prevent surgery.  Proper diagnostic testing and exams have to be performed to determine the potential for help with Prolotherapy.

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    Because Prolotherapy is an injection there are risks associated with it. Some patients may experience bruising, swelling and temporary increase in pain and stiffness in the area and there is always a small risk of infection. 

    Can Prolotherapy Help My Pain?

    If you are having pain in a joint or in your neck or back that is due to problems with tendon's, ligaments or muscles, there is a good chance that Prolotherapy can help.

    Call Pivonka Health & Wellness and schedule a time to learn more about Prolotherapy.  (480) 892-0022.