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    Drs. Anthony & Patricia Pivonka have been featured in national media as an authority on non-surgical Scoliosis treatment options and are both bestselling authors in their field.

  • Dr. Anthony Pivonka D.C.
    Chiropractor, Entrepreneur, Business Innovator, Bestselling Author

    Dr. Anthony J. Pivonka, D.C., Scoliosis Doctor, became interested in becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic at the early age of 13. Andy’s mom, Sharlene, had a past history of surgically treated scoliosis, and it looked
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    as though he was at the beginning stages of developing Scoliosis as well. Andy began regular Chiropractic care to try to prevent the curvature in his spine from progressing further. Andy never required surgery for his scoliosis. He attributes this to the Chiropractic care he received early on. This sparked his interest in becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. What sealed it for Andy though was hearing the full story of the huge scars on his mother’s leg and back from the scoliosis surgery she had. His mom spent six months recovering from her surgery and in the end she suffered daily pain where her spine had been fused. This convinced Andy that Chiropractic was for him. He went on to become a Doctor of Chiropractic graduating Cum Laude from LIFE Chiropractic College, Marietta Georgia in December of 1993. Dr. Andy has twenty three years and counting of experience working with scoliosis patients. He has spent a great deal of time and effort researching the best options for scoliosis patients. His philosophy is if you can get started early with the best care available there is a high likelihood that almost anyone can be spared from what his mother has had to endure.

  • Dr. Patricia Pivonka D.C.
    Chiropractor, Entrepreneur, Business Innovator, Bestselling Author

    Dr. Patricia L. Pivonka, D.C., Scoliosis Doctor, became interested in becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic after her own life-changing experience while playing volleyball at Colorado State University.
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    Mid-season during her Junior year Patty developed severe pain in her middle back along the right side of her spine. The team Doctors assumed is was a muscle strain and prescribed ibuprofen and electric stimulation. At one point Patty was taking 16 ibuprofen-per-day for the pain. She was sent for all types of treatment but nothing seemed to work. Every time she tried to play her back would go into spasms and cause her tremendous pain. She was afraid she would lose her athletic scholarship. Eventually, a friend suggested that Patty see her husband, a Chiropractor in Denver. Dr. Jackson examined Patty and on that very same day he showed her the problem on her x-rays. She had a misalignment in her lower back and the pain in her mid back was just a compensation for the problem below. Dr. Jackson adjusted Patty twice over two weekends and she was back in the starting line up. That same year the Lady Rams broke into the top 10 in the nation. Her personal experience led her into chiropractic where she felt she could help others find the cause of their problem and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. She went on to become a Doctor of Chiropractic graduating Cum Laude from LIFE Chiropractic College, Marietta Georgia in June of 1993.

  • Dr’s Andy and Patty both love what they do because they get to help people get back to a healthy, functional life without having to use drugs or surgery to do so. 

  • In their spare time both doctors like to play golf and volleyball and of course drive their 3 kids to football, dance and karate.

  • Dr. Jeff Cottingham D.C.

    Dr. Jeff Cottingham graduated from the world renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1996. His chiropractic experience began as a  young, premature, sick child.
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    His mother was constantly taking him to the pediatrician for antibiotics but eventually got fed up with the endless cycle.  His aunt told his mother that she should take him to the chiropractor to have his spine checked.  Like most parents, his mother thought, "why would I take an infant child to the chiroprator-he doesn't have a back problem". His aunt explained that the brain has to talk to the  body by sending messages through the spinal cord and nerves and that when a bone in the back mis-aligns, it can create interference to the normal communication process causing you to 'get sick'.  Well, he received his first adjustment at 18 months old, and within months was completely off all medications and healthier than ever before.  He went through the tenth grade without ever missing a day of school because he was sick.  He has two awesome boys, Keegan and Kelton, who were both born at home and have been adjusted since birth.

    Dr. Cottingham learned at a young age that health comes from within, not from a bottle or shot, and decided that he wanted to be a chiropractor and teach people about the amazing healing capabilities of the body!  Over the past 20+ years, he has practiced in Prescott, Scottsdale & Tempe/Chandler.