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  • Chiropractic care and headache relief are not two things that are often thought of as being related, but they really should be. Many people don’t realize that many types of headaches are in fact a secondary symptom caused by a different underlying cause…

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    What Causes Headaches and How Can a Chiropractor Help With Headaches?

    How can a chiropractor help with headaches?  Well, in many cases that underlying cause is, in fact, a misalignment of the bones in the patient’s neck or back. The most common type of a headache is a tension headache. Tensions headaches are caused by subluxations in the neck and back of a patient which put pressure on nerves, and also cause discomfort because the muscles of the body cannot work right when the skeleton is not properly aligned. The good news for tension headache sufferers is that of the many types of headaches that people suffer from, tension headaches are the headaches that have shown to respond best to Chiropractic care.

    How do you know if you suffer from tension headaches?    Knowing that you suffer from headaches is pretty simple, if your head hurts then you have a headache. But how do you know if the headache you have is a tension headache or some other type of a headache? The most obvious sign that you have a tension headache is that you are experiencing a dull pain on one or both sides of your head. The pain tends to be uncomfortable, but the pain level is not usually considered to be severe. While the pain may not be severe, any time that you have a constant, dull pain that lasts for a long period of time, this is going to have a significant impact on a person.

    How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Tension Headaches?

    Tension headaches are usually caused by subluxations, which are small misalignments of the bones in a person’s neck and spine. Chiropractic treatment focuses on using adjustments to correct the misalignment of the neck and spine, which means that it actually treats the root cause of the problem. Prolonged care from an experienced Chiropractor can often provide patients who suffer from tension headaches the long-term relief that they have been looking for.

    While subluxations are the most common cause of tension headaches, they have also been known to be caused as a result of pain from strained or damaged muscles in the neck. One of the most common causes of this type of injury is auto accidents.

    So if you suffer from headaches, before you reach for the aspirin, call a headache relief chiropractor in Gilbert.

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