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    A Chiropractor in Gilbert Knows More Than Just Vertebrae and Subluxations

    People think that a chiropractor visit will be talking about holistic medicine, subluxations and numbered vertebrae. Sometimes, that is what a chiropractic visit can entail. However, a visit to a full service chiropractor in Gilbert can offer a patient a lot more. For example, did you know a chiropractor can help with headache relief?

    Chiropractic care and headache relief are not two things that are often thought of as being related, but they really should be. Many people don’t realize that many types of headaches are in fact a secondary symptom caused by a different underlying cause. In many cases that underlying cause is, in fact, a misalignment of the bones in the patient’s neck or back. The most common type of a headache is a tension headache. Tensions headaches are caused by subluxations in the neck and back of a patient which put pressure on nerves, and also cause discomfort because the muscles of the body cannot work right when the skeleton is not properly aligned. The good news for tension headache sufferers is that of the many types of headaches that people suffer from, tension headaches are the headaches that have shown to respond best to chiropractic care.  That’s not all, however.

    Chiropractic Treatment and Pain Management

    If you suffer from pain of whatever kind, and you follow the pattern of a lot of Americans, you medicate yourself and alleviate the pain.  There’s a very good reason why we have an opioid crisis in this country.  Part of it is our mindset.  We’re taught that if we have a problem, we should take a pill.  That isn’t to say you shouldn’t take your medication.  Some medications save lives.  The problem is when someone is essentially treating the pain and not managing it.  That’s where pain management comes in.

    What’s the difference between pain treatment and pain management.  While some others might offer a different definition, we would define pain treatment as just that: a treatment for a symptom.  But it is a continual cycle.  It goes like this:  a patient is experiencing pain, so she or he take a pill.  Once they take the pill, they’re feeling better until the pain medication wears off.  Then they begin the cycle all over again.  A chiropractor however, can help you to manage your pain by various techniques.

    While taking a pill is easy, it is also potentially more detrimental to your health.  Many over the counter pain medications can cause liver damage after long term use.  So, if you suffer any sort of pain, you might want to call a chiropractor in Gilbert to help you manage your pain.

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